This article on drain cleaning machines is a basic overview for homeowners. Additional information, resources and reviews of drain cleaning machines will be added in the future for the professional plumber and drain cleaning contractor.

If you are a homeowner or other non plumbing professional looking for information on drain cleaning machines, you should think twice about using such equipment considering your lack of knowledge and experience. How did you get here?

A typical scenario is a homeowner has tried various drain cleaning chemicals, or other home remedies like vinegar and baking soda and who knows what else. Eventually you realize that the drain problem is going to need a more aggressive approach. What now?

Time to call out the big guns. Chances are even if you're a handy person around the house, some project are just better left to the professionals. Before you go diving into a drain cleaning project, there are some things to remember.

Drain Cleaning Can Be Dangerous

These drain cleaning tools and machines are best used by a professional plumber. It's unlikely that your garage or tool collection will include any of these drain cleaning devices.

  • Drain snakes
  • Hydro jetting
  • Rodding

Drain snakes offer a basic approach for clearing some type of drains. Because drain snakes seem fairly easy to use and are cheap to buy or rent, this is the drain cleaning tool most often considered. Drain snakes come in a variety of types. From hand cranking drain snakes, to drill powered to larger heavy duty electric drain snakes. That being said, it's still more effectively put to work by a professional contractor, plumber or drain cleaning technician. The inexperienced person could damage the pipes, fixtures, fittings or get injured. Electric drain snakes spin at very high speeds that can cause the cable to whip if not properly handled. Check with the manufacturer and follow all safety precautions.

Hydro jetting machines are more often used in commercial, restaurant and industrial plumbing systems. Restaurants in particular accumulate lots of grease in their pipes. Hydro jetting machines use a technique forcing high pressured water streams through your pipes, pushing detritus and junk out of the system. This is an especially dangerous procedure for amateurs and requires special training. Unfortunately, even trained professionals have been injured and even killed by this equipment. When you are dealing with high pressure, the wrong move for a second can be deadly.

Rodding is a process of using drain rods to clear blockages. The drain rods have blades or other attachments on the tip of the rod that cut through the debris. If the drain rod is misused, you could have an even bigger problem as a joint snaps off and remains in your system. Toilet rooter Once again, it's best to let a professional handle this equipment.

Why a Plumber?

Common sense dictates not to put yourself in harm's way, so if you have a clogged drain, don't throw yourself on the figurative grenade just to save a few dollars. Just call up your local plumber, and you could have the job finished in a few hours with much less hassle and fuss. Plumbers typically have spent many years of training and know how to solve clogged drains and other plumbing issues.